Lots of times, people will reach out to me before their session in complete panic because they aren’t sure what to dress in or where to take their session as far as style! I secretly love when they do this because I love to help coordinate for sessions. It sparks my creativity and I love working with my clients to make their imagination come to life with a session. Some advice I always give is:

For Family

For sessions including multiple people, simply pick a color scheme. I, personally, go with all naturals when I plan for my own family pictures! Neutral creams, tans, whites and grays really give the light and airy vibe to a session and make the images soft, natural and pretty.

Pick one print or pattern (stripes, polka dots, florals, plaids) and use those colors to work with everyone else’s outfits. Too many patterns and prints are distracting and take away from the natural vibe of the image.

Combine different textures, rather than colors. Use this to break everyone up, rather than using a bunch of different colors. This is my favorite piece of advice!

Try to stick with soft colors. I think these photograph the best! Whites, creams, tans and soft blues, greens and pinks photograph the best. 

Imagine your session on your walls! Do you want to hang pictures that match your decorating style? Plan accordingly!!

For Seniors

I always tell all of my clients (but especially seniors!) to bring accessories to get the most out of an outfit. Hats, scarves, jackets and headbands can be added to an outfit to give it a total different look. It really gives variety to a session, quickly!!

For your three outfit choices, pick one casual, one comfortable and one that really matches your personality! I often tell seniors to wear one outfit with jeans, one dress/suit and one other outfit that you really just love and feel happy in.

For Newborns

To get the absolute best out of newborn sessions, we usually want them to be asleep! That way, we can position them without them getting too unsettled. Keep baby up for a little bit before your session so that they are extra sleepy when they arrive.

Hold off on feeding baby until you are at the studio. This really settles them and makes them sleep better, of course. I always give Moms the time before a session to feed baby so don’t worry that this take time.

In the morning of your session, place baby’s diaper on them loosely. This avoids marks on their little legs and bum during their shoot.

Bring a pacifier! Some babies don’t use one and parents are against them, but, if you’re okay with it for just the duration of the session, using a pacifier can help tremendously!

For Boudoir

Wear something that makes you comfortable! I recommend an off the shoulder sweater, a t shirt and lacy underwear, a white oversized button down or your hubby’s favorite t shirt.

Stick with lights and neutrals: white, creams, grays or light pinks. These photograph best with my style and the Boudoir set up.

Don’t hesitate to get your hair and make up done by a professional! Hair and makeup can add so much to a session. Pamper yourself! You deserve it!